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One of the central goals of the Latin American Trade Agency is to contribute to the sustainable development of Central and South America. We are committed to improving the working conditions and outcomes of producers through our technical support and training. This way, we believe that the Latin American Trade Agency can become an important advocate in sustaining and contributing to improving the living conditions of producers in Latin America.

The Latin American Trade Agency serves as an intermediary between producers in Central and South America ready to export their products, and European companies ready to import those products. We search for importers interested in the products offered by our Middle and South American partners. Upon this, we determine a fair price for exporting to The European Union, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. The Agency will support the Middle and South American producers during the certification, the selling process, and the delivery. At the same time, European importers can contact us directly to find the right producer in Central and South America exporting the product they demand.

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