Bananas from Colombia

The company Camilo represents, has delicious bananas from Colombia for sale.

The company dedicated to the export of 100% Colombian premium Harton green banana, cultivated with the highest standards of quality and protection of the fruit, they arrive at their destination country in optimal conditions and without ripening effects thanks to our studies for weeks cutting. Banana being one of the most seen and delicious fruits on a plate for all palates. That is why we offer premium boxes of 24 kilograms net of fruit. If you want more information and technical details of our banana, contact The Latin American Trade Agency and we will inform them about it. We would be very pleased to become your banana supplier.

Price indication

The minimum order is 2 containers each month. One container can have between 1056 till 1080 boxes. Each box is 24 kg. The estimated price per box is $ 13 per box of 24 kilos each. The prices are FOB, port of Cartagena in Colombia.