Client : Cooperativa Rios de Agua Viva

Cacao, Coffee and Honey

Cooperativa Rios de Agua Viva exports three main products from Nicaragua, Central America to the European Union and the U.K…. let them explain themselves…

The Ríos de Agua Viva Cooperative is an organization of small farmers that sell cacao, coffee and honey, offering agrarian and financial services to its members; promotes equity, generational change and environmental protection in order to improve the conditions of life for its members and the municipality of Rancho Grande.


We want to be the reference cooperative of the cacao, coffee and honey sectors in the department of Matagalpa, based on the loyalty of its members and its competitive improvement. Produce quality products, promoting cooperative values, constant improvement of business management and exports of its members by creating strategic alliances to achieve their objectives Rancho Grande.

Cacao fine aroma

The Cooperativa Ríos de Agua Viva has 530 producers of fine fermented cacao and certified UTZ of the highest quality. We cultivate an area of 880 hectares, with a potential production of more than 400 tons, our plantations combine different clones of caca, predominantly the Trinitarios Forasteros and other varieties Acriolladas. Through a centralized process of post-harvest management, we guarantee the fulfilment of the highest quality standards. Thanks to a uniform fermentation and drying, our cacao is a product with excellent flavour and properties for making the best chocolates. The cacao is cultivated by small and medium producers located next to the Peñas Blanca Natural Reserve, in the municipality of Rancho Grande. Each of our families cultivate 1,8 hectares, using environmentally friendly techniques to conserve our natural resourses.

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