Biological products from El Salvador

Fairtrade food

Biological Fairtrade produced natural food from El Salvador, Central America, adjusted to the standards of the European market.

As agent of biological products from El Salvador, we are looking for them, for European companies that are interested in high qualified biological products. The client is a German company who owns all the certificates needed for those products in Europe and the UK. They can be seen at the download page of this company. What do they produce in El Salvador and import to Europe? …

Fairtrade high quality biological coffee, tea, Jam, Confiture and herbs for your hyper- and supermarkets.

We, as representor of the company, can visit you to show you the products and leave samples behind or send them to you if you are seriously interested in these beautiful products. All information of the products can also be downloaded after we send you a download password. This password is needed to give the company the privacy they deserve.

Biological products

Estilo accompanies the producing of biological products, packs them under their own brands and provides the products with European Certificates. They deliver Coffee and Tea in many sorts, Honey, Marmalade (also Coffee Marmalade… very special), Confiture en Jam, Spiceries, Herbs and Salt, all biological produced and controlled in El Salvador, Midden America. The products are without coloring, fragrances, flavorings, preservatives and produced without pesticides. Already for 7 years several German supermarkets sell their products.


  • Best quality of coffee beans from gentle natural cultivation
  • The best possible recipe from Highland Arabica
  • Coffee beans and 25% green coffee beans
  • Handpicked harvest and roasting on the spot
  • Natural flavors are thus preserved and must not be supplemented


  • From natural organic cultivation
  • Exclusively from flowers and components
  • Valuable plants
  • Without artificial flavors and dyes
  • The hand-tied tea bar with wonderful color and wonderful aroma
  • A very popular gift, something else does not exist
  • The tea slices, which have a unique fruit taste bring
  • Loose tea in different mixtures without black or green tea ingredients

Our mission

Our mission is to spread the selling of these beautiful products all over Europe and the United Kingdom. The quality is high, the products are exclusive; the products are biological produced and the farmers receive a fair income. If you purchase yourself, please fill in our contact form and ask for the download password. If you purchase through a Purchasing Combination, can you please inform them about this information, so they could add these products to their collection?

Are you interested in the Organic products of our German client, please fill in the contact form and we can send you extensive information material or we can visit you.

Our thanks for your attention!
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