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Our mission and how we work

As already said, in “About us” the voyage of your Trade Agency started with the task to build a “chamber of commerce” for a middle American country. We experienced the large amount of still yet unused possibilities in Latin American Countries for trade with the UK and Europe. There are so much Latin American (including Middle America) products, who could be sold well in the UK and Europe, and it will bring the inhabitants in the Latin Countries more prosperity, and less dependence to the current trade partners. The UK and Europe has a lot Latin America could use as well, not only products but also needed technical knowledge, like for example the Dutch expertise in agriculture (University of Wageningen), water management (University of Delft), seaport innovation (Port of Rotterdam) and organisations to help develop products and those to help farmers organize themselves into cooperation’s. And this is only The Netherlands. For European companies our agency can find the way to contact them with suitable partners in Latin America. There is much to do.

The agency is just started, so we focus at this moment in finding business contacts between companies in the European Union, the UK and connect them with Latin American entrepreneurs. We commit to stimulate trade and when possible assist when local problems occur in regulations, transport or needed knowledge.

Every export company on both sides of the ocean can ask for assistance. Feel free to contact us if we see possibilities to help your company and let the Ocean Wide Tradeway being well used!

What does it cost you? First we agree with you a suitable start-up fee which will be deducted from the first “order fee bill”. The order fee will be 3,5% of the export orders amounts, excluding taxes and transport costs. For that we find you clients and mediate when needed. As long as you have unused production capacity, we continue for you. If you are a Latin entrepreneur, we will also inform you about what product rules there are in Europe. Apart from the start-up fee, we work “no cure, no pay” Give your company the chance to enter new markets.

When you have questions, remarks or need some help, please contact us. At this moment please write us only in English and not yet in Spanish.

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Paul Dufour
Company director

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