Our services

Our services

Producers of Latin American countries are welcomed to contact us for support. After considering the possibilities for export and agreeing on the terms, we will promote their products on our website and inform all the interested buyers in our network. When an order has been agreed the Agency acts as a supporter for the producer in the sales, the transportation, and the certification process if needed. In order to reach the most efficient productions in quality and quantity, the Agency also assists the producers with any technical or agricultural support needed. Similarly, the agency welcomes any European company to request assistance from us. The Agency can support interested importers in finding a way to bring them in contact with suitable partners in Central and South America.

We focus at this moment on finding business contacts between companies in the European Union, the UK and connect them with Latin American entrepreneurs or the other way round. We are committed to stimulate trade and, when possible, assist when local problems arise regarding regulations, transportation, or needed knowledge. Every export company on both sides of the ocean can ask for our assistance. We welcome companies involved in any type of product including food, drinks and wine, clothes, trucks, pharmaceutical products, machines, etc. Because of our commitment to the environment, we don’t work with biomass pellets from American forests, soybeans, and palm oil.

The Agency works in a system of “No cure no pay” basis and our fee will be based on the deal value. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know how we can support and expand your commercial possibilities and allow your commercial objectives to succeed in the international markets.

How do we work?

When you agree to work with us, sign our basic cooperation contract, which is based on “No cure no pay with a start-up fee” the next step is on you.


Product Certificates

Products sold in the EU or the UK need to match certain standards, we can provide you a description of those standards in English or Spanish (see below) and we can assist you to attain the needed European Product Certificates to prove your products match them. If you already export to the EU or UK, you send us the copies of those certificates by mail. All prospect buyers will ask for them.

Product information

You send us a catalogue of your products, product information in English and in Spanish (for the Spanish version of our website). You also send us by e-mail pictures and other promotional material about your company and by mail some samples of your products to hand over to serious prospect business partners. Practical information we need to know is delivery time and place.

Product promotion

Your product information will be seen on the Agency website and we will bring your products under the attention of all companies which we found suitable for your products, by mail, phone and (if seriously interested) by visit, showing the products and leaving samples behind, when useful.

Exchanging propositions

We contact you with their propositions and contact them with yours and help both parties to make a match and agree about quality of the product, the amount, place of delivery, time of delivery, transport and payment conditions.

Start-up fee

You receive our fee bill of which the start-up fee is deducted and we keep the client warm for new orders.

Searching new clients

We start searching for new clients for your company until your goals are achieved.

Assist in expanding

We are willing assist you in expanding your production, helping you find investors or specialists to hire for that process.